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Teachers Grow understands the importance of providing you with high-quality examples of model teaching and exemplary support.  We offer access to video and non-video (literary) resources that are published by highly respected companies listed below. If you would like to upload a video and/or a literary resource that you found beneficial, please feel free and share how it helped you in the description. As per our Terms of Use, we ask that you acquire and forward to us written permission from any publisher that is not on our list below so that we may add them.

High Scope 

Red Leaf Press 

Eastern Connecticut University: Center for Early Childhood Education

Erikson Institute


Child Care Exchange 






The Center on the Developing Child:  Harvard University 


More to come. Please keep checking...

One of the greatest resources teachers have is each other. Collaboration and sharing has proven to contribute to our success, development and growth.  Such growth can be stunted by isolation and holding onto inhibitors.  Growth depends on having the professional courage to believe and invest in yourself enough to breakthrough a comfort zone while learning newer and better ways of benefiting children as they learn and grow.  Until this happens, the students we care for and teach can only grow as far as we have grown ourselves.  We owe it to ourselves and our students to never stop growing.

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