For young children, art should be about the process not the product. Young children "do" art for the experience, the exploration, the experimentation.  During the "process" they discover mystery, creativity, joy, and sometimes frustration.  Art allows children to explore and discover their world on a sensory level.   Sometimes they simply explore materials and enjoy the creative process, other times they create designs that represent their reality.


Children create and represent their ideas in a visual form. Although adults unknowingly communicate to a child that the product's appearance is important, they should instead encourage discovery and process over product by talking with the child about his/her artwork via open-ended inquiry and extension. The result should not to be compared to the creation of someone else or a model representation of the end product.  Creative art is a way in which children express what they know and feel.  There can be no one right way, look or feel to it. Is it just the way the child wants it to be and that is what is right about it. 

It just is.