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Celebrations are the perfect way to show that learning is fun, exciting and joyful. Celebrating each child’s birthday is a great way to make them feel special, but celebrating holidays requires more thoughtful and sensitive planning. It is imperative that teachers take the time to learn what holidays the children celebrate with their families. It is also the perfect opportunity to invite families to in-class celebrations.  While many schools celebrate special days that acknowledge parents and secular holidays, we at Teachers Grow, encourage teachers to first learn of the type of celebrations that are appropriate for the children in their classroom versus celebrating predetermined calendar holidays.  Teachers must be sensitive to children who may not have a traditional family framework and/or or celebrate traditional holidays.  They should plan accordingly, via informal conversations, parent questionnaires, or surveys.  Celebrating learning at the end of a theme/unit of study can be as simple as inviting children to share what they have learned, created or share their fondest memory of the unit.
Field Trips can be another way of celebrating learning, and are one of the best tools to explore real-world experiences. Concepts are presented through all different media and modalities, so children who struggle with traditional learning can perform with more confidence. As teachers, it is our responsibility to intentionally plan field trips that will greatly benefit the children and broaden their knowledge. 

One of the greatest resources teachers have is each other. Collaboration and sharing has proven to contribute to our success, development and growth.  Such growth can be stunted by isolation and holding onto inhibitors.  Growth depends on having the professional courage to believe and invest in yourself enough to breakthrough a comfort zone while learning newer and better ways of benefiting children as they learn and grow.  Until this happens, the students we care for and teach can only grow as far as we have grown ourselves.  We owe it to ourselves and our students to never stop growing.

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