Little Sprouts Patch for Parents :

Support for Parents as Teachers During Covid - 19

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken the world by unfortunate surprise. Both teachers and parents have taken on rolls that they never thought they'd be faced with.  Teachers are now coaches for parent-teachers who suddenly find themselves in the role of academic teachers of their own children. The fortunate ones, both teachers and families are able to use online learning platforms to continue learning experiences.  Others are faced with teaching our students via pre-recorded video lessons without seeing them or hearing their voices. In many cases, this is a challenge due to limited access to technology. Parents have had to unexpectedly  "figure it out" and learn how to be teachers with limited access to needed materials and without any formal training. At a minimum, it has been a daunting process for us all,   but still we overcome the challenges because we love our students/children and value the importance of education. This parent resource aims to provide parents with supports via lesson activities, ideas and strategies as they adjust and embrace their new and unexpected role as teachers.