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We will continuously showcase quality literature with a brief story description and suggestions for use with students.  We will showcase a "Feature Story" which will provide teachers an opportunity to view videos of stories read aloud by expert coaches and model teachers. Some will demonstrate developmentally appropriate read-aloud strategies and others will be read for teachers to become familiar and decide how they wish to use it.   Feel free to post on our public forums page and or email us your favorite read-aloud stories with a brief description and suggestions so we may plant your story in our garden. Please keep checking back to watch this garden grow every day. 


What Do You Do With a Chance


Kobi Yamada

A little boy has many chances for great opportunity but allows his fears to get the best of him and realizes he’s missing out on something great. Listen to what happened as he takes that one last chance and discovers what life could be like when you take chance and use it as and gift of opportunity. This story could be used to support courage and confidence concepts. Click the link below for the live version of this story. 


Inside Mouse.jpg



by Lindsay Barrett George

This is a story of two mice whose lives run on parallel paths—one inside the house, the other outside. They traveled up, down, across, around, through, between, behind, over, and under, until they finally met in the middle.
Are they old friends? Or new friends?
Did they just meet today? Or do they visit every day? What do you think might happen next
to the inside mouse and the outside mouse?  





Jacqueline Woodson

The first days of school can be awkward until you feel accepted. Sometimes embracing your own difference from others takes courage and confidence.  See how 'the day she begins' to share about herself, Angelina finds a pathway to friendship and self-confidence..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ0EAQItEe0

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Extra Yarn


Mac Barnett

.Extra Yarn is a book by Mac Barnett that can be used to explore many math concepts, but not limited to: Counting, Comparing Quantities, Measurement, Shapes, Patterns… Also can be used as an introduction to talk about bullying, as Annabelle makes a sweater for a boy who teases her.  Supplying the children balls of yarn and giving them the freedom to Yarn Bomb items around the classroom is another fun activity that can be encouraged after reading extra yarn.  Click the link below for the live version of this story.


I ant gonna.jpg

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

By Karen Beaumont

 I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More, is about a young boy who gets into trouble for painting all over the house. His mama “hides” the paint, but he just can’t stop wanting to paint. When mama is not looking, with help from his dog, he climbs to the top of the closet to retrieve it. He begins painting all over their body parts, until, Oh no, here comes mama! Click the link below for the live version of this story.


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Scribble Stones


Diane Alber

Stone lays among a pile of stones waiting to find his function in life. Deep down, he knows that he is meant to make someone happy. He finally finds his purpose and travels the world bringing happiness to anyone who picks him up. The story teaches that each of us can make someone happy, no matter how insignificant. Click the link below for the live version of this story.


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Papa, please Get the Moon For Me


Eric Carle

A little girl named Monica, who desperately wants the moon to play with. So, her Papa sets out to get it for her. It isn't easy to climb all the way to the moon. He finally succeeds, only to find that the moon is too big to carry home. Join us to find out how Papa solved the problem and got the moon for Monica. While and after reading the story, science and math concepts can be discussed: Day/night, Phases of the moon, Measurement, Sequencing, Problem Solving...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0o0oalX-eQ&feature=youtu.be


Stick and Stone

by Beth Ferry

In STICK AND STONE, there two characters and are both lonely, until they encounter each other. Stone gets teased Stick sticks up for his new friend. Within this story there are lessons about empathy and friendship and how to respond to bullying. Click the link below for the live version of this story.



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

As the newborn caterpillar snacks through the pages, he gets bigger and bigger until he is BIG enough to build a cocoon. After two weeks, he becomes a beautiful butterfly! Click on the link below for the live reading of this story https://youtu.be/xkRut6MpBdg


Rolling Along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears

by Cindy Meyers

Rolling along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a different and unique version of the original. This version can be used by parents and teachers to teach children awareness about others with a disability and offer encouragement for children with a physical disability.


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Hannah's Collections


Marthe Jocelyn

Indecisive of which of her many collections to take to school, Hannah goes through her collections of buttons, shells, feathers, and other wonderful objects and comes up with a unique solution. Click the link below for the live version of this story.


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One Duck Stuck


Phyllis Root

Down by the marsh,
by the sleepy,
slimy marsh,
one duck
gets stuck in the muck . . .

Can two fish, tails going swish, help? What about three moose, munching on spruce? Click the link below for the live version of this story.  




by Maribeth Boelts

In this heartwarming story you'll read about a boy who learns that his wants are less important that his needs and even farther less important than someone else's needs who's are far greater than his own.  This story can be used to teach about the value of people over things, friendship over popularity and needs versus wants.


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Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom

by Stuart Murphy

The yellow cars beep! The red cars vroom! and the blue cars crash As Molly plays with her big brother’s toy cars. 

Children will see and recognize patterns as Molly tries to place Kevin's cars back in order. But can she put the cars back in the right order before her brother returns?  Click the link below for the live version of this story.


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Seven Blind Mice

by Ed Young

Six mice take turns investigating different parts of a large object, and never agree on what it could be because they are not looking at the whole object, but parts. The seventh and last mouse travels along the entire object and finds that it is an elephant.  Click the link below for the live version of this story.



The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Retold by:Bonnie Dobkin

The Three Billy Goats Gruff, part 1, the original version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKwtLqA4b-E&list=PLN2OloF_scqnSwPsncjf9JoI4QnA8EwW6&index=685&t=7s

The Three Billy Goats Gruff(part 2) In this version, some of the images and language has been modified in order for it to be appropriate for younger audiences. Language and props, which the children are familiar with, have been added and substituted throughout the story. The Bug and Wand Technique, which is described in detail on our Join the Discussion page, is used. Click the link below for the live version of this story. 



Walter's Wonderful Web

Tim Hopgood

A determined little spider named Walter is trying to make a sturdy web that will stand up to the blustery wind. The webs he makes at first are woven in special shapes--a triangle, a square, a circle--but they are still wibbly-wobbly. Can Walter make a web that is both wonderful and strong?  Click the link below for the live version of this story.



Miss Tizzy

by Libba M. Gray

Enjoy this charming story that crosses generations as children fall in love with an older "peculiar" playmate from whom they learn about   sharing, cooperation, teamwork, empathy, compassion, friendship and above all, love. 


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The Giving Tree

By Shel Silverstein

Each day the boy would come to the tree to eat her apples, swing from her branches,slide down her trunk…and the tree was happy. But as the boy grew older he wanted more from the tree, and the tree kept on giving. 


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Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

By Eric Carle

This is the rollicking companion to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?"What will you hear when you read this book to a preschool child?Lots of noise!Children will chant the rhythmic words. They'll make the sounds the animals make. And they'll pretend to be the zoo animals featured in the book--can you play pretend, too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJFu3a7wNY4


No, David!

By David Shannon

"No, David!" by David Shannon. David gets into trouble. His mom always tells him "No!" Interact with the story through sounds, and questions from me!


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A Snowy Day

By Ezra Jack Keats

"The Snowy Day," by Ezra Jack Keats with handmade stop-motion animations! In this classic Caldecott award-winning book, Peter ventures out into the freshly fallen snow.


download (8).jpg


By David McKee

Elmer book, by David McKee. Elmer was different than all the other elephants. Elmer was patchwork!

What will happen when he tries to be elephant color, just like everyone else? 


download (9).jpg

Go Away, BIG Green Monster

By Ed Emberley

Ed Emberley has created an ingenious way for children to chase away their nighttime fears. Kids can turn the pages of this die-cut book and watch the Big Green Monster grow. Then, when they're ready to show him who's in charge.



Feature Story

Betty Lou Blue


Nancy Crocker

Enjoy a story of Betty Lou who learns how unique differences can unite us versus divide us. May hearts and minds be forever changed when they read it. This book can be used when supporting diversity and anti-bullying. Click the link below for the live version of this story. 





Alice McLerran

Marian called it Roxaboxen, a sandy hill filled with wooden boxes, ocotillo plants, and cactus. To most it looked just like any rocky hill, with nothing but sand and rocks, but for the children who played there it was a magical place. Listen and see how children who play and work together create fantastical play spaces that bring enjoyment for all.



download (3).jpg



Ann Jonas

Splash goes the cat! Splash goes the dog! Who's jumping in the pond? Falling in and crawling out, how many animals can you count? Each page encourages you to readers to count how many are in the pond. Great book to encourage the use of props and would be fun to “act out” as well..., which would involve lots of movement and help practice counting skills. View a Teachers Grow Exclusive video explaining ideas and strategies to use with your students when reading Splash.



Six Sticks


Molly Coxe

What can you make with six sticks? Four skis and two poles? Or two tents? A creative pair of mice discover wonderful things to create with six Popsicle sticks. View a Teachers Grow Exclusive video explaining ideas and strategies to use with your students when reading Six Sticks.


download (12).jpg



Kobi Yamada

Maybe is a story about the unbound potential each of us holds inside.  It encourages children and adults alike to follow their hearts and tap into their limitless potential to be anything and do anything. “You are the only there has ever been or ever will be. You are unique in all the universe.” Click the link below for the live version of this story.


Mouse Count 2.png

Mouse Count


Ellen Stoll Walsh

A reading of the original and a modified version. The second reading was modified for younger children. In this version, the snakes collects mice to have friends as he is very lonely. A snake is searching for friends and collects little mice to play with. The mice  work together and plan their escape as they need to get home in time for dinner. It is a great story that connects literacy and math. Click the link below for the live version of this story.



Perfect Square


Michael Hall

The square was cut into pieces and poked full of holes. It realized that it wasn't perfectly square anymore, so it made itself into something new. It is cut in pieces, torn in scraps, shredded to strips, and shattered, but when these things happen, it transforms itself into something new each time, a fountain, a garden, or a park. Finally the square discovers that it can no longer wanting to change back to a shape with 4 equal sides, it decides to make his own changes. It becomes a window, and the things that window looks out upon make all the difference in the world.



Exclamation Mark

by Amy Krouse Rosentha & Tom Lichtenheld

The Exclamation Mark is trying hard to make himself just like all his friends, but he soon realizes that being an individual could be an asset. This book can lead into a discussion about self-identity and the importance of appreciating yourself for who you are, rather than compare yourself to others. We all have a purpose, even though we are all different and unique. Click the link below for the live version of this story.


download (2).jpg

Elevator Magic


Stuart Murphy

As Ben goes down in the elevator, he uses subtraction to figure out what floor they need to stop at. Ben and his mom see crazy things each time the door opens. Click the link below for the live version of this story.


download (27).jpg

The GivingTree


Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree is about a boy who comes to the tree to eat her apples, swing from her branches, slide down her trunk...and the tree was happy. As the boy grew older he began to want more from the tree, and the tree gave and gave and gave, until the very end.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rd2BeudGCg&feature=youtu.be


The Rainbow Fish


Marcus Pfister

Throughout the day children are faced with the issue of sharing items within the classroom. Sharing is not easy for most children, and it’s hard for them to think about others when they are being affected in some way. The Rainbow Fish can be used to begin a discussion about the benefits of sharing. While reading, the point of view of the other fish who admire the rainbow fish’s sparkling scales can be touched upon by the teacher. As well as the rainbow fish’s struggle with a difficult choice and then decide to share. Click the link below for the live version of this story.



Full House


Doyle Ann Dodds

Miss Bloom runs the Strawberry Inn, a quaint place that has 6 rooms to fill. Miss Bloom hopes to fill all the rooms with guests for the evening, and one by one, she does. From Sea Captain Duffy to Duchess Boofaye, they fill up Strawberry Inn as children learn fractions along the way.  Click the link below for the live version of this story.



Who Sank The Boat?

By Pamela Allen

By the sea, lived a cow, a donkey, a sheep, a pig, and a tiny little mouse. One warm, sunny morning, for no particular reason, they decided to go for a row in the bay. Do you know who sank the boat? They enter the boat from biggest to smallest… each tipping the boat and causing it to sit lower and lower in the water as they climbed on. Guess who gets in last? Who do you think sank the boat?  View a Teachers Grow Exclusive video explaining ideas and strategies to use with your students when reading Who Sank The Boat? Click the link below for the live version of this story. https://youtu.be/nSYqlXWPff0

download (4).jpg

Little Quack

by Lauren Thompson

It's time for Little Quack and his siblings to leave the nest. One-by-one each must find the courage to follow Mama as she leads her ducklings on a swim in the pond. A “quack-u-lator” helps children count along as each duckling jumps into the pond. Mama encourages each nervous duckling to “paddle on the water with me . . . you can do it . . . I know you can.”  Click the link below for the live version of this story.


download (3).jpg

Mouse Mess

by Linnea Riley

When a mouse goes out for a nighttime snack, he turns the kitchen into a mess.He's waking up as the family living in the house go to bed. The kitchen turns out to be his playground, where he makes a BIG mess.  Click the link below for the live version of this story.



The Mitten

By Jan Brett

Nicki's white mitten gets lost in the snow. Find out what happens when some animals decide to move in!  Click the link below for the live version of this story.




In this lively, humorous story you'll read about the ability of children's' use of imaginations and entertain themselves with the most common object. This book can be used to learn about inventive thinking, friendship, respect and patience. Click the link below for the live version of this story.


download (1).jpg

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

By Bill Martin Jr. and  John Archambault

Let's read the classic alphabet story, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. Will there be enough room for the whole alphabet at the top of the coconut tree? Let's find out!


download (4).jpg


By Don Freeman

It's story time with Bri Reads! Join me for a stop-motion animated read aloud of "Corduroy," by Don Freeman.

Have you ever dreamed of being locked in a department store at night? The endearing story of Corduroy paints a picture of the adventures that might unfold (for a teddy bear at least) in such a situation.



One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish

By Dr. Seuss

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," by Dr. Seuss! "From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." Try to read along with me to these funny, tongue-twisting rhymes!


download (5).jpg

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

By Eric Carle

Let's read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" This classic story is by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by one of my favorites - Eric Carle! Can you name all the animals and all the colors in the book?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5bW_US6vaw

download (6).jpg

The Rainbow Fish

By Marcus Pfister

"The Rainbow Fish," by Marcus Pfister. Rainbow Fish is beautiful, the most beautiful fish in the whole ocean! His sparkly silver scales don't mean much when he has no friends to admire them, though. How can he feel like he belongs with all the other fish? In this book, we learn a lesson about sharing and making friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YushF-cFD64

download (10).jpg

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

By Michael Rosen 

 Let's go on a bear hunt! Please follow along for a read aloud story with me, Bri! This is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" retold by Michael Rosen, and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.