Domain 4 - Professional Responsibilities

Teachers Grow™ supports the fulfillment of requirements within Domain 4 on the Danielson Framework for Teaching™

Component 4a

Reflecting on Practice

Teachers Grow™ gives the teachers the option to work with a coach/mentor to view videos of model lessons of colleagues and or uploaded videos and lesson plans of their own.  This will allow them conduct peer and/or self-analysis of decisions made in both the planning and the implementation of a lesson. By considering the impact on student learning, teachers can determine modifications and choose which elements of the lessons they will continue or discontinue in future lessons. At Teachers Grow™, teachers may reflect on their practice through coaching conferences, collegial conversations, or simply thinking about their teaching practices. Reflecting on teaching with accuracy is an acquired skill; mentors, coaches, can support teachers develop the skill of reflecting on teaching through supportive suggestions and self-reflective questioning techniques. It is our hope that reflective teaching becomes second nature, leading to improvement in teaching and learning.

Component 4d.

Participating in a Professional Community

Teachers Grow™ allows teachers to collaborate and work with their colleagues to share ideas and strategies, share model lessons, plan lessons as a group, and plan for the success of individual students.  Teachers Grow™ is a professional development portal website created especially for teachers to become members of a professional community. Professional Forums at Teachers Grow™ are made successful via mutual support and respect, as well as a willingness to share successes, challenges or even dilemmas. Teachers Grow expects teachers to be constantly seeking ways to develop (grow), and improve teaching practices.  Elements of component 4d: are woven into the website model. Teachers Grow™ encourages teachers to become involved in a culture of professional inquiry as they exchange ideas, lessons, and strategies. Teachers Grow™ allows teachers to contribute to and participates in on-line learning communities that support and respects its members’ efforts to improve practice. Networking and collaborating with colleagues through the website provides opportunities for teachers to learn from one another. They may decide to create their own forums and professional learning communities using Teachers Grow™ trainers and coaches within their own school buildings which will allow for job-embedded professional development. Teachers Grow™ is predicated on teachers building and forming professional relationships with colleagues and maintaining those relationships to encourage sharing, planning, and working together toward improved instructional skill and student success.

Component 4e.

Growing and Developing Professionally

Teachers Grow™ considers that teachers are accountable to their own growth and development in order to remain current and relevant to meet student needs and interests. Its goal is to support teachers as they grow from beginning to developing, then to refining levels of understanding and implementation of teaching practices in order to engage students in high quality learning experiences. As teachers work with online coaches and mentors, Teachers Grow™ provides resources such as access to online training and webinars that aim to help them stay informed as they hone their skills. Beginning teachers will progress along their own path, watching model lessons, receiving ideas and by trial and error grow at their own pace; while developing teachers are perhaps ready to upload there own lessons in order to receive feedback from our coaches and/or actively pursue networks that provide support and feedback. Teachers that have achieved a refined level of practice may use the site to “give back” to the profession by uploading and sharing "model" teaching learning experiences and strategies or even evolve into a mentor role for a beginner level peer. This cycle of growth and learning is the driving force of Teachers grow and lies at the core of our success.