Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As a Freemium member, am I required to upload lesson ideas and contribute other forms of professional content?  What about Exclusive members?

A - In keeping with our User Agreement, this site is FREE of charge to all Freemium registered users who upload professional content in exchange for FREE membership on a regular basis (a minimum of twice per month). This type of member is considered a site "content contributor." See Item #7 of the Terms of Use Agreement for the type of content that is considered "professional" and supports the mission of the site.  Teachers Grow monitors the activity of its members and reserves the right to cancel membership at any time for non-compliance of the user agreement. Premium subscribers (auto-billed at a monthly rate of $7.99) are not obligated/required to upload content and will receive unlimited access to Teachers Grow 'Exclusive' and 'Public' content and Premium membership which includes access to ALL features and content on the site.

Q - When uploading a video, should I choose Public or Teachers Grow Exclusive option?

A - Choose 'Public' option for any video content that is already FREE to the public from 3rd Party websites. This content will be accessible to our registered members with a Freemium membership.  'Teachers Grow Exclusive' option allows only Premimum subscribing members viewing access. This option is typically for videos that are NOT already visible to the general public such as those from your personal recordings not available on 3rd Party sites. If you wish to upload video but only want your coach to view it for feedback and not allow other members to view it yet, follow prompts within You Tube for uploading video and choose option for 'Unlisted' video which you will be assigned a URL to hyperlink and share in a private email to your coach first.   

Q - What is meant by a Non-Video Resource?

A - 'Non-video Resources' can be any resource that is not a video that you have found useful and you think might be useful/supportive for a peer.  It might be a notable literary work, story book, a research article, song lyrics, lesson/activity idea, Pinterest image, strategy, periodical, abstract, etc. Please remember, It needs to have the URL link so it can be found online.

Q - Do I need permission to upload videos       or images that show children or others? 

A - Yes. As per our User Agreement, it is required to obtain permission.  If you work in a school, children typically have parent media release forms on file in the main office.  If you are unsure it is always a good idea and a requirement to obtain your building administrator's permission before uploading images and likenesses of any individual shown on videos and or images. Additionally, we ask that you blur and/or Emoji children's' faces first. Once a non-public image/video is uploaded, per our User Agreement, it becomes Teachers Grow Exclusive property and can be removed at company's discretion.  This content is visible to Premium members ONLY.

Q - I have emailed my coach and have not heard back.  What should I do?

A - Please allow 2-3 business days for a coach to respond.  If you still do not get a response, and you need a more timely response you have the option of asking another coach or emailing your question to and we will respond as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Q - I am very shy and self-conscious.  I don't feel confident enough to submit a lesson video.  Am I required to post video of my teaching practices and displays if I become a member?

A - Teachers Grow understands the initial level of apprehension when it comes to showcasing great lessons and activities that could inspire/support your peers.  We encourage teachers to "grow into their greatness" of being ready to share model lessons at their own pace.  Our goal is to support teachers growth to eventually becoming skilled and confident enough to video share their teaching abilities but it is not a requirement of membership.

Q - Ed Web videos do not load.  Is this a problem within the site or my computer?

A - As one of our 'Approved Publishers' , EdWeb requires that viewers register on their site in order to provide you with a certificate of participation. The URL link we have provided is to the webinar slide show that accompanies the webinar. Teachers Grow respects the content EdWeb offers and we encourage you to register on their site in order to watch the video for your area of support.

Q - I am a novice teacher.  How will I know if my videos and lessons are considered models that will help support my collegues?

A - Your coach can help you determine if your lesson is considered model quality.  Teachers grow recognizes model lessons to be those that teach for understanding concepts combined with building good relationships with children. They will include student interaction with teacher, peers and materials.  Teachers should facilitate students learning and interacting via open-ended questions that encourage oral engagement. It will not contain 'excessive' use of the phrases that praise but rather acknowledgment of understanding lesson content.  Lessons should showcase a teacher’s ability/attempt to develop a rapport with students. Preferably, they may contain an integrated-curriculum approach. For example, upon reading the story Five Little Ducks, the teacher casually makes cross-content connections by showing how the story connects to other content areas like Math (addition and subtraction; size comparisons), Science (animal habitat and/or study various bird sounds and duck types), Social Studies (staying close to Mom), etc. Lastly, lessons MUST showcase a teacher’s ability to teach for understanding concepts rather than memorization of content and contain an inherent quality of teacher building relationships with students through consistent validation of student input, patience, and overall teacher likeability.

Q - What is the difference between Freemium and Premium Subscriber levels of access to website content? 

A - At a Freemium member level of access you will enjoy ALL of the 'Public' resources that the site offers, the ability to join social media conversations, access and exchange strategies and ideas, upload model lesson videos and other resource content, utilize our Storybook Garden.  Premium subscribers enjoy the aforementioned benefits along with having access to their very own expert coach/mentor for support, access Teachers Grow 'Exclusive' Video and Non-video Resources, and the ability to post in our social forums. 

Q - My videos/images are not loading.  When I go to view my uploaded video, it does not play back.

A- In order to successfully upload video to the Site you must first obtain a URL from You Tube and/or Pinterest for images. When uploading a video from your device to You Tube, be sure to register under 'Unlisted' instead of the other to options of 'Private' and Public.  This means that only those with the access to the URL can view it. 

Q - I am an Early Childhood veteran/expert with numerous years of experience.  I would like to VOLUNTEER my time to support developing teachers and become a coach with Teachers Grow.  How do I become a mentor/coach with Teachers Grow?

A- Thank you for your interest. Teachers Grow is open to continuously adding to it's roster of volunteer mentors/coaches.  Please feel free to submit letter of interest, resume, bio and why you wish to become a volunteer mentor/coach with Teachers Grow for consideration at