On-line Coaching & Mentoring

A Comprehensive Personal Approach to Educational Coaching

At Teachers Grow, we believe that supporting teachers through mentoring and coaching in their implementation of instructional practices yields important benefits for children.  We provide a variety of coaching and mentoring support services designed to address your teaching needs.  Teachers at all levels, whether beginning, developing, progressing, refining and/or considered model teachers can receive virtual mentoring in a variety of areas such as use of developmentally appropriate practice, lesson plans, transitions, class management, daily routines, lesson activities, best practices and more.  We provide 1-on-1 "results-oriented" coaching throughout the entire coaching process if you wish. Whether you choose to have a coach observe a lesson via Skype, Vimeo, or You Tube video, you'll receive supportive feedback from one of our highly trained coaches. It's your decision what approach we take to enhance your teaching practices.  

The research clearly aligns with Teachers Grow., Investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Preschool Education makes the case for supporting teachers via mentors and coaches.  The Excecutive Summary states,











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 "Supporting teachers in their implementation of instructional approaches through coaching or mentoring can yield important benefits for children.  Coaching or mentoring that provides support to the teacher on how to implement content-rich and engaging curricula show substantial promise in helping to ensure that such instruction is being provided.  Such coaching or mentoring involves modeling positive instructional approaches and providing feedback on the teacher's implementation in a way that sets goals but is also supportive. This can occur either directly in the classroom or through web-based exchange of video clips." (October, 2013)

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