Meet the Coaches!

We are here for you. Allow us to be "a guide by your side."

Hi Teachers! I'm Coach Grow2BGreat

I have dedicated a life’s work in early education serving in numerous roles over the past 30 years.  I've spent the past seventeen years observing, supporting, coaching and supervising early education teachers. In 2005, I worked at the State Department of Education as an Early Childhood Department Specialist providing statewide support to Early Child Care Program directors and teachers. From 2006 – 2008, I served as a Kindergarten Master Teacher Coach & Trainer. From 2008 to present I serve as Preschool Program Master Teacher Coach & Professional Development Trainer.  I have written children’s book entitled, Fluffy the Royal Flipping Puppy to support children with social-emotional challenges available on Amazon-Kindle.  

My areas of specialty include Small Group lessons in Literacy and Math, Effective Read Alouds, Intentional Teaching, and "blended learning" --effectively teaching Math & Science via quality literature.  I became a volunteer with the TGrow family in order to support teachers worldwide who may not have access to a personalized supportive coach.  I wish to help them 'grow 2B great' teachers by implementing fun, easy learning experiences that will benefit the students as they progress towards a future of academic success.. Please email me your questions or feel free to pick my brain for support and suggestions.  I'm here to help! :-)

Hello, I'm Coach ColVis!

I am a graduate of Adelphi University with a MA in Education. I taught Kindergarten for seven years in Brooklyn, NY.  I was a Child Care Director for four years then returned to the preschool classroom. I have been teaching Pre-K for the last 17 years. I remain committed to student success inside of the classroom and in life.  I volunteer my time at Teachers Grow in order to provide guidance and support where needed. I wish to engage teachers in using inquiry more intentionally and motivate them to “step out of their comfort zone” and “take risks” in order to meet the needs of all students.”


Feel free to contact me if you would like more suggestions or support in creating engaging activities for small/large group time and building hands-on independent literacy/math opportunities to support and stimulate children’s development.

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Hey there! I'm Coach Zen!

I have 28 years in Early Childhood Education working with Pre-K through 3 Grades

I have a M.Ed. in Reading and I enjoy providing feedback and suggestions to help teachers reflect on teaching practices.  I wanted to be a volunteer coach/mentor at Teachers Grow to be a part of a professional learning community, where there is a platform to collaborate, offer diverse ideas and reflect on best practices in education.  


Email me for feedback, support and answers to your questions.  I would love to hear from you!

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Hi There! I'm Coach Fran.

I am a retired Preschool teacher/coach. I taught preschool special education students in self-contained and inclusion classrooms. I completed my 32-year teaching career coaching preschool teachers for 11 years.   My areas of expertise are as follows:

Literacy: Story props to accompany stories (felt board pieces, story sticks, order of events etc.). Props developed for small group, large group and individual learners. Creating anchor charts to accompany activities, rhymes and songs written on large chart paper. I have expertise in creating Interest area materials to excite, draw interest and maintain interest across all centers/interest areas. Science:  Using tools and supplies for a well- furnished learning center. I can support with creating Science kits in discovery area for examination (magnets, shells, rocks etc).  I can share pics of my collection of rocks and gems!  Or we could create science learning kits together and make manipulatives for individual child use, large and small group. Ex:  Using magnets with items that are and are not magnetic with a way to graph them into two groups. Having shells to match or arrange from small to large or by color etc. I also have a passion for indoor and outdoor gardening. Would love to support you in building a garden of your own! Math:  Pre-K “Cooking “projects, measuring ingredients for play dough, etc. I joined the Teachers Grow family because I look forward to sharing a multitude of ideas to enhance your teaching and ultimately the children in your care. If any of the above sounds like fun, I would love to hear from you!

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Hello! I’m Coach Angel

I have been working in Early Education for more than 15 years. I received my doctorate in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Rutgers University. My areas of expertise include teacher-student interactions, culturally responsive teaching, and anti-bias teaching. I love helping teachers and am thrilled to be a volunteer mentor at TGrow.

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Hello Teachers I’m Coach PhillyB!

I have over 20 years of experience working with early childhood and elementary students. My expertise lies in special education,  instructing within inclusion and self-contained classrooms. Teaching individuals with social, emotional and behavioral disabilities is my passion.  I decided to be a volunteer coach and join TGrow because I believe that the most effective educators remain, themselves, life-long learners. I attribute my own professional growth to the support and guidance I have received from mentor teachers and I now hope to support others in the same way.

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Hola, Yo soy Coach Aniso

I have been in the education field for the past 31 years as a teacher, and teacher coach. I am certified in Elementary, Pre-school, Bilingual, and Special Education. My areas of expertise are in Bilingual Early Education and Special Education.

I have agreed to be a volunteer mentor at TGrow because I know and UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLES that teachers today are going through. Especially those new teachers who have no experience and are on their own in their classroom. It is not an easy task and I wish there had been a mentoring program when I graduated that could have guided me and supported me in my professional career. I really believe it takes a village and we are all in this mission together. We all bring gifts just like our students do we just need someone to guide and support us in opening them. Hopefully, I can help those teachers help those students open their gifts as well. 

Llevo en el campo de la educación durante los últimos 31 años como docente y maestro entrenador. Estoy certificada en primaria, bilingüe, preescolar y educación especial. Mis áreas de especialización son de educación bilingüe y educación especial. Quería formar parte de los maestros crece familia de entrenadores/mentores porque conocer y comprender las luchas que maestros hoy. Especialmente los maestros nuevos que no tienen experiencia y están solos en el aula. No es una tarea fácil y deseo había un programa de mentores cuando me gradué podría me han guiado y me han apoyado en mi carrera profesional. Realmente creo que "se necesita una aldea" y todos estamos en esta misión Junta. Todos traemos regalos al igual que nuestros estudiantes sólo necesitamos alguien para guiar y nos apoyan en abrirlos. Que me pueden ayudar los maestros ayudar a los estudiantes a abrir sus regalos así. Si crees que mi experiencia está alineado con las necesidades de apoyo, no dude.

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Hi, I'm Coach Geri!

I have 24 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood and early Elementary Education. My areas of specialty are room arrangements, mathematics and reading. I volunteer my time with the Teachers Grow team as a coach/mentor because I enjoy supporting teachers as professionals. I believe that we are life-long learners who need to continually update our teaching methods and philosophy. 

Feel free to email me for support in my areas of expertise and I’ll be happy to see how I can help.