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Teachers Grow appreciates and values the time that you spend here developing and growing professionally.  While we believe you'll likely enjoy spending a lot of time here, we understand the fact that you'll also wish to receive professional development credit for the hours you invest in your teaching career.  We are in the process of developing this aspect of our services and plan to become an accredited professional development provider so that we may offer you the ability to receive certificates for your time spent here.  We request your patience while we work hard to bring this in the near future as an added benefit of your membership.  Please be reminded to print certificates of participation for the hours you spend on training and webinars from third party websites from our approved publishers listing.  

Thank you for your patience as we continue to "grow into our greatness" in this area for you. :-)

One of the greatest resources teachers have is each other. Collaboration and sharing has proven to contribute to our success, development and growth.  Such growth can be stunted by isolation and holding onto inhibitors.  Growth depends on having the professional courage to believe and invest in yourself enough to breakthrough a comfort zone while learning newer and better ways of benefiting children as they learn and grow.  Until this happens, the students we care for and teach can only grow as far as we have grown ourselves.  We owe it to ourselves and our students to never stop growing.

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