Girl in Class


Early childhood environments should include a space where children can go to be alone and/or play along side a friend to experience a sense of privacy.  Yes, even busy children get stressed and need a protected place to enjoy moments of solitude to relax.  These spaces can be indoors or outdoors. They can be stationary, planned and/or created spontaneously by students or teachers. It can be as simple as a CD player with headphones and an audio book, or materials intentionally set up for one or two children in an already established interest area such as Art, Writing, Computers or Sand/Water table. Teachers may consider labeled "Quiet Zones" with caution tape, sheet-top or mesh tents with books, earphones and a pillow set up in a large open box to resemble a cave. It could be as simple as a designated piece of carpet or pillow to which an established "no interruption" rule applies.  This space could also be as permanent as a loft space or big comfy chair with books and/or headphones with books nearby.  As long as children can experience a respite from the active and sometimes noisy classroom environment is key.