Transitions occur during schedule changes throughout the daily routine to allow children time to complete one event before moving to the next.  They are intended to keep children focused and engaged as they move to the next part of the daily routine. Effective transitions give children advanced notice and allow sufficient time to complete specific tasks.  They are clear, consistent and meet individual needs as children handle tasks at varying speeds and ability. They can be used as intentional teaching opportunities to teach and/or reinforce skills.

One of the greatest resources teachers have is each other. Collaboration and sharing has proven to contribute to our success, development and growth.  Such growth can be stunted by isolation and holding onto inhibitors.  Growth depends on having the professional courage to believe and invest in yourself enough to breakthrough a comfort zone while learning newer and better ways of benefiting children as they learn and grow.  Until this happens, the students we care for and teach can only grow as far as we have grown ourselves.  We owe it to ourselves and our students to never stop growing.

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